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Izola candles are made in the USA from renewable resources. The wax is hand-poured into eight-ounce recycled, colored glass containers that have a rustic, weathered, and charming design quality. In keeping good faith with our old-world, utilitarian ethics, these candles are built to last and maintain their fragrance through 60 hours of burning time.

We think they are the perfect compliment on a bar cart, t in a bathroom, or on the desk in an office. Join us in lighting one and let’s “rekindle an old flame.”


  • Green Moss
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  • Lavender
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  • Elderflower
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  • Heirloom
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  • Jasmine
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  • Red Cedar
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  • Star Anise
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  • Golden Thyme
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  • Sandalwood
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  • Rosemary
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