Push Up Lamp White

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The Push-up is a rechargeable battery-powered cordless table lamp. Pushing the lid down, lifts the diffuser up and turns the light on; pushing the lid back down, closes the lamp while turning the light off.
A "touch" control hidden under the base allows switching on/off, dimming, and
selecting the color temperature of the light (2200K, 2700K or 3000K). It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Height: 8 - 10cm Diameter: 12cm
11-12 hours battery life
Colour temperature selection
2.2W / 207-235-248 Lumen ; 100-240V ; CRI>80
IP54 Body protection against elements

The PUSH UP has it's own lift off rechargeable base with USB cord for easier charging. It also has a smart dimmer function to set a more romantic mood and ambience.